First, You need An Audience With Which To Share Your Message

Vimagery concept for cultivating an audience



Our proprietary Client Curation process begins with "Cultivate." This is the stage in which we go out to the universe of strangers to your business and begin to strategically expose them to your brand. Our goal in this stage is to leverage technology to attract a diverse group of people at scale toward a particular social goal.

In this stage, many people with all sorts of interests are courted and willingly corralled. They become your audience with which to consistently share your message. That message may be multifaceted. It may be delivered via a variety of mediums. Ultimately, the message is designed to develop brand awareness. Some messages might resonate with one segment of your audience while other messages might better resonate with yet another subset.

Our team helps in the development of this content and we use cutting edge tools to ensure it reaches those who are likely to be ideal members of your audience.